STK talks

Listen to or download the latest talks from our Sunday services right here.
Mature in Christ: I will go! - 9am service (download)
Stephen Bell, 14/10/2018
I celebrate what God is doing - 9am service (download)
Kevin Cook, 07/10/2018
I celebrate what God is doing - 10.30am service (download)
Chris Mullen, 07/10/2018
Harvest - 11am service (download)
Gavin Rushton, 28/10/2018
My compassion makes miracles - 9am service (download)
George Briggs, 23/09/2018
My compassion makes miracles - 10.30am service (download)
George Briggs, 23/09/2018
A Heart for God: Passion for God - 7pm service (download)
Gavin Rushton, 23/09/2018
I Believe and I have unreasonable hope - 9am service (download)
David Sharps, 16/09/2018

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