Releasing the whole people of God, for the whole mission of God.

STK is committed to making and growing disciples in the 11-18 age group, and we are currently looking for someone to develop a strong team to facilitate and lead the youthwork at St Thomas’s Church.  We love the young people in our church family and in the community we serve, and we want to see lives set alight with the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit as these young people find and follow Jesus, love and enjoy Jesus, and share his world-changing purpose in their lives.  
The Youth Work Leader will play a key strategic role with the leadership of STK in delivering this vision – and we bless you as you consider whether God is calling you to join us and serve in this capacity - details are available form the church office. 
For more details of our Youth provision during the current restrictions please do contact the church office, we would love to hear from you.