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AN UPDATE FROM GEORGE, Friday 27th November:

Dear Church Family

I love the beginning of Advent – it draws us into a season of preparation, reminds us that God will come, and that he comes to save, it reminds us to expect and welcome God’s interruptions in our lives and to look out for what he is doing.   
It’s good to be able to invite you back to church for services from Wednesday 2nd.  Please do contact the office to book a place at our Wednesday Communion next week, and to sign up for Sunday 6th  please book via the church office by Friday lunchtime so that we are able to include you in the seating plans and work out the safest way to accommodate everyone.  The measures around singing and distancing will be as before.  Bookings through the church office.
Advent Wreaths
Fancy making your own Advent Wreath at home?  A couple of PDF’s are going up on the church website for inspiration – a way of joining from home as we light our wreath over the coming Sundays!
Last Sunday we heard a really informative update from Mary Reay about what we are trying to do as a church to be better stewards of our planet.  Speaking about our individual consumption and shopping decisions, Mary used the acronym L.O.A.F....Can we remember what each letter represents?
Well, the "F" represents Fairtrade. So, a great time to encourage you to support TRAIDCRAFT the pioneering fairtrade business.  Rhiannon Neale will be very happy to help you buy your fairtrade groceries or gifts and is also willing to deliver them in the Kendal area.  If you would like help with ordering anything you can contact Rhiannon via the church office.  You can find the full Traidcraft range on the website
Creation Care follow up
We are looking forward to future Sunday and online updates on our work to become a sustainable church family, actively protecting and caring for the environment.  In the meantime you might be interested in an online conference on December 10th – more information here
Meet the Bagumas!
Come and spend some time with our mission partners in Uganda THIS SUNDAY!  An opportunity to catch up with Sam and Abby Baguma and pray with them on Zoom at 4pm – join in and hear from them about how things are going for them and get fresh insight into the wider work of Missionary Aviation Fellowship in these challenging times.  
Church Prayer Meeting 
On Tuesday evening this week we come together for an Advent church prayer meeting at 7.30pm online – let’s give time this week to pray boldly for people to meet Jesus as we come into Advent and Christmas and experience the life changing gift of God’s love and salvation for themselves…  
This Sunday 
Our Advent Sundays begin with Abraham and Sarah, looking at this week – here are some questions to explore: 
1. In Genesis 12.2-3 God makes a huge promise to Abram personally and also reveals his part in an enormous plan. Have you considered what your part is in God’s big plans – how does that look at the moment?  
2. In Genesis 12.1 God asks Abraham to leave behind what is familiar and press on – are there habits or expectations we need to leave behind to step further into our relationship and availability to God?  How do you sense God may be leading you?
3. Some years later in Genesis 18.1-15 God comes to see Abraham and Sarah, and in Sarah’s laughter we can see how his promise stretched their belief.  Are there things that God has promised to you that seem impossible or too good to be true?  What will it look like to keep trusting him?  
4. Reading Genesis we plainly see Abraham and Sarah’s mistakes and struggles as well as God’s faithfulness.  We also celebrate the example of their faith in the New Testament in verses like Romans 4.18-21 and Hebrews 11.8-12 - what encouragement and strength can you find in their story?
5.Today we see again how far back God was preparing the way for Jesus to come to us.  Why not spend some time praying, thanking him and resting in his goodness.  Let’s pray for fresh hope, wonder and expectancy as we begin the journey through Advent together. 

This is the last Sunday closed for services under current lockdown guidance, so we will be livestreaming at 10am and I invite you to join in, connect via comments, and come to Zoom coffee to meet up afterwards.

 With love and every blessing,